BLSOM の変更点

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*Batch-Learning Self-Organizing Map (BLSOM) program for multithreaded environment [#zbf8bd77]
*Batch-Learning Self-Organizing Map (BLSOM) program for multithreaded environment on Linux[#zbf8bd77]

An unsupervised neural network algorithm, Kohonen's Self-organizing Map (SOM), is a powerful tool for clustering and visualizing high-dimensional complex data on a two-dimensional map (Kohonen, 1982 and 1990; Kohonen et al., 1996). On the basis of Batch-Learning SOM (BLSOM), we have developed a modification of the conventional SOM for genome sequence analyses, which makes the learning process and resulting map independent of the order of data input (Kanaya et al, 2001; Abe et al, 2003). We used the BLSOM for phylogenetic classification of metagenomic sequences obtained from mixed genomes of environmental microorganisms by analyzing tetranucleotide frequencies (Abe et al, 2005 and 2006) and protein function prediction of metagenomic sequences by analyzing oligopeptide frequencies (Abe et al, 2009).

**Please download an executable program on Linux from the followings. [#c56c48dc]
[[executable program>]]

Please check the README file for detailed execution, after extracting the file.

**Install BLSOM on Linux [#d43b65ff]
+Download the BLSOM.tar.gz
+Unzip file. 

 cd <TheDirectoryYouPutTheTarball>
 tar zxvf BLSOM.tar.gz

In ''BLSOM'' directory, there are 5 executable files, ''run.csh'', ''PCA'', ''makeweight'', ''BLSOM'' and ''PLOT''. The ''param.dat'' is parameter file for performing BLSOM.

**Quick Start [#h0113a5c]

The commands required for simple execution are as follows.
 ./run.csh  <Your input file>  <Number of threads>

Sample command:
 ./run.csh  input.dat  8

All executable files and ''param.dat'' put under same directory.

**Reference [#pe6b672c]
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